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Step inside a Stiltz Homelift

The Stiltz HomeLift is a perfect concept and
requires minimal structural work. It is fast and
quiet when in operation. I love its simplicity.

A Compact and Luxurious Elevator Solution

Already popular around the world with many thousands of satisfied customers, the Stiltz
HomeLift was the first of its kind in the world.
Designed to make your life easier, a Stiltz HomeLift allows you to travel safely and effortlessly between floors and its unique rail and drive system allows you to fit the lift almost anywhere in the home. Taking up little space with its small footprint the Duo range gives you flexibility in where to fit your lift while maximizing your living space. The Trio range gives you the convenience of a larger lift car size if you need it - either now or in the future.
Designed for accessible living, the unique Stiltz HomeLift range allows you to remain living independently in your home. For complete peace of mind a comprehensive warranty is provided with all products in our range.
So, if you’re looking for an innovative, attractive and useful long-term accessible living
solution, the answer has to be a Stiltz HomeLift.

Stiltz COP.jpg

In-car control panel
The in-car control panel is designed
to be extremely easy to use with
push-button, hold-to-run controls.

remote stiltz.jpg

Remote control
Your HomeLift comes with two
remote control handsets included.
Additional handsets can be
purchased if required.

Stiltz small footprint.jpg

Small footprints
Both the Duo and the Trio
models have extremely compact
footprints, despite the fact that the
Trio Alta will accommodate a
full-sized wheelchair.



The Stiltz Duo Alta through-floor HomeLift is designed to make it easier for
you to move around the house. Whether you’re starting to find the stairs a
bit much, or are planning ahead by future-proofing, you will find a Duo Alta
will fit discreetly into any home.

The Stiltz Trio Alta is a larger HomeLift designed to comfortably carry a
full-sized wheelchair. The clear body helps it blend into your home and the
unique shape means the rails are discreetly recessed behind the slightly
wider entrance/exit.



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